Two golden rule to learn anything faster

 This is really very important to know how to learn anything faster and implement it in our day-to-day life. It will definitely change our entire life as well as it will help us to tackle difficult situations. If we can learn before applying it in our life we may face constant failures in every area of life but if we should focus more on Learning before implementing or doing something it might save many years. I mean to say that we can save our time and prevent unexpected financial losses.

The entire article will consist of strategies to learn anything quickly. I believe in these two words which are vital aspects of learning anything. These words are INPUT & OUTPUT

Hence, nowadays everyone expects to get everything that they want without putting their efforts into learning. 

For example; nowadays people are much more educated but actually, they are not well competent, they are just studying to get their degree with high percentages or numbers. Unfortunately, after a certain period of time, students start forgetting what they studied. But if they apply the rule of input & output it will enhance their competency and skills.

Here are the rules;

Rule No. 1. INPUT: Mean Listening & Reading

 It's really crucial to get our attention to listening carefully without interruption to others while they are speaking and everyone should start reading books related to your field or based on your interest but I would like to suggest you read books related to your field as well as understand concepts. Don't try to memorize anything from that book because you might forget the memorized part but surely you will not forget what you understand. Example: I have talked with many students with small questions, Do you remember what you studied in 5th standard? Their answer was quite simple: we just remember numbers, words, alphabets, basic mathematics rules, and related to science experiments, etc. 

In addition to that, consistently listening and reading will gain a lot of technical knowledge that is usually essential to performing any task. Technical knowledge directly affects your productivity and efficiency. Continuously listening and reading will eventually change the surrounding environment which is most important for us to keep on track.

For example: if you have been reading or listening to something bad about your best friend through a stranger or colleague, for sure you will never forget that, because we usually pay extra attention to listening and reading the backbiting of that friend.

There are many advantages to continuous reading and listening without interrupting others while they are talking. These are the following.

1. Spending free time reading books will boost thinking power, increase knowledge, it change our attitude as well as mind workout.

For example: if we work hard physically we feel tired but if we do regular brain exercise will make us more clever.

2. Knowledge will become a superpower that will help you in each and every area of life. Because the knowledge will help you get a high-paying job or else start your own business. Otherwise get ready to face failures, challenges, difficulties, or problems, etc but I believe that reading one book might save your 5 years.

3. Reading habits will increase your vocabulary and that would be beneficial to communicate with people and convey your message. 

4. Regular reading will improve our imagination and understanding skills. It creates several ways to think differently from other people.

5. Listening to people creates strong trust and it shows your interest in that particular topic. Many times it was found that people are listening and actually they don't understand anything which is a waste of time. 

6. Listening carefully will take you far away from conflicts, confusion, and doubts, etc. Moreover, it determines your patience with people. 

7. Active listening will help you to catch the exact right information from the speaker. Sometimes people are listening but their mind is not present in that location, it's taking a world tour.

Rule no 2. OUTPUT: mean Speaking (writing or teaching) & Action ( implementation on our life )

It's really crucial to implement our INPUT as I explained above because without implementation your INPUT will be a waste of time. It means if you did not obtain any benefit financially or spiritually. After that, we can apply the OUTPUT rule in our life because this will be going to change our current situation.

For example: if you have spent a couple of years to achieve your degree or engineering or national or international certification after completion of it you didn't apply practically a single rule or knowledge in your day-to-day activities that would be meaningless. It feels like you did a lot but you didn't get anything.

Apart from that, OUTPUT has it own unique benefits that is really very important to achieve something in our life.

1. Whatever we study or learn, once we start sharing that knowledge with others it positively influences us to become a positive person. 

2. Studying or learning by teaching to people who really need it can improve other people's competency and skill levels. This kind of action will gain teaching experience or sharpen our own skills.

3. Consistently doing this we can easily improve our public speaking skills which is necessary for every individual to have it. 

4. Frequently talking and speaking with different people will create an opportunity to exchange information and creative ideas etc. In addition to that, in the current situation, people are addicted to their cell phones, even in their friend's circle they prefer to talk on their social media platform instead of going outside or enjoying themselves without cell phones.

5. One of the benefits is it will boost our confidence. Afterward, eventually, so many closed doors will start opening by engaging and establishing good connections.

6. You will become a master of arts and this quality belongs to leadership style nobody will going to stopped you unless you stop yourself.

7. We should implement what we learned, that's why at the beginning I refer you to read books based on your field. Field-related knowledge could be much easier to implement but if you read other books you might learn something but unfortunately, you will start forgetting because we didn't practice or utilize that knowledge.

The last but not least, I would like to say that only you know what you want, where you want to be, as well as how you will achieve it because only you know your background condition.

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