Don't lose your twenties

This is a vital question that everyone should ask themselves how to utilize their twenties to become the best version of themselves. Unfortunately, students are addicted to social media, playing games, or just using their cell phones, and sometimes some students stay on the phone and some many occasions where they just waste their time. They usually go beyond the permissible limits destroying their own life and creating difficulties for society through many unhealthy habits.

The entire article will consist of what to do or what don’t.

  • Goal setting ( where we want ) 

The only goal that gives us a reason to do something. Nowadays students don't have the aim of what exactly they want in their life, they are just going with the flow it's like a rat race. Usually, 99% of students are just studying to earn high marks in the exam they intently studying for numbers. Before your 20’s students should decide what they want or where they want to be in their lives. 

For example: we want to become entrepreneurs, become pilots or engineers etc.

  • Be the master of language.

Being a master in the country native language can gives you many opportunities. Holding a native language will help you to face and deal with any kind of problems and difficulties.

  • Be fluent in that particular language

Having good communication skills or being fluent in native language can influence other people to join with you, in addition it will help you convey messages to other people easily. Fluency is key to impressing people to listen you in a polite way.

  • Take responsibility for own failure

We everyday blame other people for our failure but one of the biggest mistakes that we did. First of all we didn't analyse ourselves where we were wrong. But honestly if we start looking at ourselves instead of complaining or blaming, will completely change the results. I believe that failure is a process where Allah ( God ) will test you or may he want to give you better than this. Failure is the step of climbing the success ladder. When we start taking the responsibility through this we are showing that we are committed and we will never ever quit until I achieve my goal.

  • Learn from other's failure

I know it sounds funny but it's really important to learn before taking any action. Many motivational speakers will suggest you to read biographies or successful stories but only positive charge is not enough to shine the bulb, it also needs a negative phase. Successful stories mostly give you the right factors but reading failure stories or talking with failed people will guide you that you should avoid these kinds of mistakes or what kind problems arise during their journey.

  • Enhance the specific skills

As we know everyone has different perceptions or pursuing different skills. I would like to tell you to focus on only one thing that will prevent you from creating doubt in yourself or many unexpected conflicts and confusions. Having limited skills with the master level will give you unimaginable results. Sometimes our intention is going to be changed just because of our temporary emotions and feelings. We think that we are earning money by giving our time to a particular company or organisation but unfortunately its totally the opposite of it. Actually we are earning money by having a good package based on our competency and we are selling the service to the company.

For example: in a one company 500 employees are working and all of them are giving their same time like 9 to 6. But if you analyse their salaries are totally different from each other. Some people get 10000 or some 100000 as well. So what's the difference, the only thing is your skills that sell you with your company that brings value to the company.

  • Acquire knowledge

Acquiring different knowledge will aid you to understand the situation and what's going around the world. At the era of 90’s, the education was less and lots of people were illiterate but in that era people are implementing their knowledge to make themselves fortune. Unfortunately,  nowadays the ratio of literature is much higher as compared with them, even though they pretend to be illiterate because they don't know how to behave themselves as well as other people they have tons of knowledge without applying that in their life.

  • Gain practical experience

You need to create or join in an atmosphere where you will get practical experience. The beginning is always tough, it doesn't matter where you stand right now. Based on your field you can decide from where you can get that experience.


  • Learn time management skills

Time is precious once we lose it will never ever come back so use it wisely. Respect the time, usually we are saying that doing time pass or killing time but later on time will kill us. We need to make a priorities list according to the need and take small actions regularly. Good practice and initiative will develop the habit to move forward.

  • Wake up early

Stop sleeping too much. It will make you lazy and increase your procrastination. Sleeping extra hours will not bring value to yourself. You need to control our desire because desire will tell you to sleep but you need to say I have to wake up and chase my dreams.

  • Keep yourself busy

It's a wonderful strategy that everyone should apply in their life, if you are engaging yourself in some productive activities, that keeps you on track to achieve something and stay positive. But if you aren't doing anything it will take you towards some bad habits and several adverse consequences.

  • Do workout

Doing every morning workout 10 to 20 minutes can keep you physically strong. It's much better to doing nothing than to workout. Generally, people says that only you are responsible for your own health people will not worried about your sickness and health problems.


  • Video games

The majority of children and students are seriously addicted to video, and indirectly parents are contributing to being addicted to them. This is one of the biggest traps where kids or students are wasting their time. Games are not bad but if they play on the playground that will keep them physically fit and strong.

  • Stay away from smoke

In a modern world, staying away from smoking has become a difficult task because each and every moment smoking habits are promoted indirectly through advertisements, web series, films, movies etc. Smoke is a bad habit that creates a false sense or poor perception such as some people say smoking gives us relaxation but actually they are hurting themselves as well their families and society.

For example: if a one person get cancer the entire family and society will suffer for him / her

  • Chasing girls or boy's

We know that on average 70% to 80% of students are involved in love with the opposite gender, which is indirectly playing with each other's emotions and feelings. Everyone knows love is good but unfortunately nowadays it becomes a time pass. 

  • Sleeping a lot

Don't sleep a lot because it can make you more lazy. I heard somewhere that two things will never be fulfilled in one's whole life. Sleep and Stomach ( I mean eating) if you sleep more you will feel sleepy more. If you are habitual to overeating or frequently eating you will always feel hungry.

  • Regular night clubs parties

Many times it has been seen that during the night club parties attendees are consuming alcohol , smoking and consuming alcoholic items. It's advised to all who are reading this to stay away from these kinds of bad habits that will destroy you. 

  • Watching reels

It's become the easiest way to kill time and our society is feeling proud of it because their children become famous through making reels. On an average 30 minutes watching reels by each the users but imagine if they use these 30 minutes for self development consistently, surly they will get the unimaginable results.

  • Consistently using social media

Don't kill your time by just scrolling social media page's. Time is really precious so please use it wisely.

  • Watching web series and movies

Instead of watching web series, watch some inspirational or motivational as well as watch some valuable content that will bring value to you. 

At the last but not least, I would like to tell to all Don't waste your time - Time is your money.

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